About Astroinformatics 2017

Astroinformatics 2017 builds on the successful series of meetings devoted to the growing challenge of scientific exploitation of massive and complex data sets from major observational projects at radio, optical and infrared wavelength, and from associated large-scale simulations.

The meeting will continue the tradition to bring together astronomers, data scientists, statisticians, computers scientists, companies and policy makers to stimulate a crossdisciplinary
exchange in this rapidly advancing field of research.

Russ Taylor and George Djorgovski
Co-chairs: Scientific Organising Committee, Astroinformatics 2017

Invited speakers

Dalya Baron, Israel
Michael Biehl, Netherlands
Matthew Graham, USA
Jeff Kern, USA
Peppe Longo, Italy
Ashish Mahabal, USA
Nicky Mulder, South Africa
Kai Polsterer, Germany
Erik Rosolowsky, Canada
Rob Simmonds, South Africa
Edwin Valentijn, Netherlands